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Custom Propagation

Send us your cuttings and we will root them and send them back, call for details.

Seed Service

When Sending seeds:  we will germinate and grow your rhododendron and azalea seeds. Once ready to transplant, we will put them into an open flat of 45 to 60 seedlings per flat. Once rooted well, we will call you
to arrange shipment of seedlings, or you can pick them up. If you pick them up, you will get them in the flat that they are growing in, so you can keep growing them until they get bigger. To ship seedlings, we have to pull them apart, so you will have to be ready to plant them in small pots or a raised bed when they arrive. If you want them larger, we will then transplant them into another open flat of 20 per flat and grow them to liner size. Shipping liners will be the same as seedlings, but with a larger root and plant.
Have doing seedlings for the past years, not all seed germinates, not all seedlings will survive, but we will do our best to get you as many of the seedlings of the varieties you send to grow. This process also takes time. Usually a seed from time of sow to shipping is about a year to a year and a 1/2, liners will take much longer, about 2 years. ​Liners should be ready to pot into a 1 gallon pot, #1 nursery square pot, or a raised bed.​ Depending on the quanity there is a required deposit before we start the seedlings just for materials.
Price of seedlings:   45-60 seedlings           $50.00 per flat
                                Under 45 seedlings      $ 2.00ea. unless its over $50.00
                                Liners: $5.50ea.
There are so many great varieties in the ARS seed exchange that you can purchase. So check it out!!!!
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